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Bitrix24: The all-in-one tool for successful CRM

Bitrix24 is one of our most recommended software tools, because it offers so much more than pure customer relationship management. Reason enough to introduce Bitrix24 and its numerous features in more detail.


Bitrix24 has a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to effectively manage customer relationships. With contact management, comprehensive information about leads and customers can be stored and organized. The CRM enables sales opportunities to be tracked in clear Kanban boards, so that sales opportunities can be qualified and tracked at different stages of the sales cycle. Activity tracking makes it possible to log interactions with customers in detail and track the course of communication - from mail to call, everything is traceable at a glance. In addition, Bitrix24's CRM module offers numerous automation features for sales processes as well as reporting and analysis to monitor the success of sales activities and make informed decisions.

Social intranet and collaboration

Bitrix24 can also be used as a social intranet that can improve internal communication and collaboration in companies. Employees can share information, hold discussions and collaborate on projects in one central area. The social intranet includes news feeds where important news, announcements, polls and updates can be shared. Employees can comment on, "like," and share posts. It also allows for the creation of internal blogs where employees can share thoughts, ideas and expertise. The intranet encourages employee networking and creates a collaborative work environment that promotes collaboration and information sharing.

Tasks and project management

Efficient task and project management is crucial for the smooth running of projects and the achievement of goals. Bitrix24 also comes up with comprehensive features in this regard to help teams organize, track and execute projects. Users can create tasks, set priorities, set deadlines and assign roles (responsible, creator, contributor and observer). Tasks can be divided into different categories and projects to provide a clear structure. The system provides a clear task list where users can track progress and update status. Notifications and reminders keep team members up to date at all times. A Gantt chart provides a visual overview of project progress and task dependencies. Teams can also link documents and files to tasks to facilitate collaboration. The time tracking feature allows users to track and effectively plan effort for each task.

Document Management

Good document management facilitates teamwork and collaboration on projects. Bitrix24 has a powerful document management system on board to securely store, organize and share files. The system enables a clear folder structure in which documents can be organized. Users can collaboratively edit files in real time and track document version history. The search function makes it easy to find files, and comments can be added to documents to improve collaboration.

Knowledge base

The knowledge base feature in Bitrix24 is a central platform for organizing, sharing and retrieving knowledge. Organizations can store knowledge-based content such as documents, guidance, and best practices in one easily accessible place. Efficient knowledge management enables structured categorization of content. Employees can share knowledge by creating, editing, or commenting on new content. Version control safeguards the history of changes, while access control ensures the security of sensitive information. The knowledge base feature promotes knowledge sharing, collaboration, and efficiency within the organization by providing quick access to relevant knowledge and optimizing knowledge management.

Email and calendar

The integration of email and calendar in Bitrix24 simplifies communication and scheduling. Users can send, receive and manage their emails within the platform. The calendar enables the creation, scheduling and management of appointments. Users can share their calendars with other team members and create events and meetings. Integration with popular calendar applications provides seamless scheduling.

Communication tools

Bitrix24 has a variety of communication tools that facilitate collaboration and exchange in teams. Group chats allow team members to communicate with each other in real time. For direct communication with individual members, the private chat function can be used. Video conferencing enables virtual meetings, presentations and idea sharing. The screen sharing feature facilitates content sharing, and voice calls provide another communication option.

HR Tools

Bitrix24 also succeeds in efficient personnel management. Employee profiles can be created, storing important information such as contact details, department and qualifications. Attendance and working hours tracking makes it possible to record employees' working hours. The leave scheduling feature facilitates the management of leave requests and the planning of absences. In addition, Bitrix24 also offers features for performance appraisals and employee feedback.

External collaboration

With Bitrix24, it is also possible to involve external partners, customers or freelancers in projects. Authorizations can be set specifically to allow external users to access relevant data and functions. This promotes collaboration with external parties and improves efficiency in projects.

Mobile version

Bitrix24 also offers a mobile version that makes it possible to keep an eye on business processes anytime and anywhere. With the free mobile apps for iOS and Android, Bitrix24 is always at hand on the smartphone and tablet. Whether you're on the road, working in your home office or have important customer appointments, you always have access to the CRM, project management, communication tools and more.

Deployment: On Premise vs Cloud

Bitrix24 is available as an on-premise or cloud variant. In the on-premise variant, the software is installed and operated locally on a company server. This provides full control over the system and the data stored in it, thus facilitating compliance with strict data protection guidelines, but also requires appropriate IT infrastructure, resources and expertise. A major advantage of the on-premise version is its high level of customizability, as companies can adapt and extend the software according to their specific requirements. Additional functions can be added and integrations with other internal systems are possible.

In the cloud variant, Bitrix24 is not installed locally and hosted on its own servers, but the system and data are provided via external servers and accessed via the Internet. The implementation is accordingly simple. Companies do not need to build an extensive IT infrastructure or install software on their own servers. The cloud version enables a quick start and uncomplicated use of the platform without having to spend time and resources on setup. In addition, the cloud version offers high scalability. Organizations can easily add or remove users and use additional storage and computing power to keep up with the growth of the business. Another benefit is automatic updates and maintenance. The provider takes care of regular updates, maintenance and backup of the system, so companies don't have to worry about these tasks.


Bitrix24 offers a comprehensive range of features to help companies optimize their teamwork, project management, customer relationships and business administration. From CRM functionality and document management to email, calendaring, communication tools, HR tools and external collaboration, Bitrix24 offers a holistic solution for companies of all sizes. With Bitrix24, you can work more efficiently, increase productivity and achieve your goals faster. We would be happy to show you how Bitrix24 can take your company to the next level. Simply book an appointment with one of our experts.

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