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Client: Bona Lingua practices for speech therapy
Activity(ies): Speech therapy and systemic hearing therapy
Date: 2022

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Project Scope:

Digitalization of patient management


Project Management

  • Communication platform (Global, Project, Task, Area and Personal)
  • Automatic task management
  • Project management tool (Gantt & Kanban)
  • Resubmissions

Knowledge base/intranet

  • Onboarding new employees
  • Management of internal manuals

Patient management

  • Automated waiting list with different preferences/requirements 
  • "Appointment matching" for patients on the waiting list for available slots.
  • Online appointment booking form with link to administration and waiting list

Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Automatic quote/invoice generation with connection to FiBu (SevDesk)
  • Automatic fee notification in the event of unexplained missed appointments

The project in detail

When Raphaela Steinbrügge opened the first Bona Lingua practice in Hanover-Kleefeld in March 2008, she did so with the aim of creating a holistic speech therapy service to meet the individual needs of all her patients. This claim has not changed until today and the success proves her right. In the meantime, Bona Lingua operates five practices in the Hanover area, in which more than thirty therapists with different specialties work.

As Bona Lingua's success grew, so did the challenges. A larger team, multiple locations and increasing patient numbers demand a high level of organization and networking. The Bona Lingua team quickly came to the conclusion that the new challenges could only be met with digital means - and this is where we finally came in. Together, we analyzed the processes at Bona Lingua and developed a concept that was to be implemented in Bitrix24. 

The needs of the Bona Lingua team required an upgrade from the previously used Bitrix24 cloud variant to an on-premise version. After migrating the data, we turned to a key concern of the team: patient management should be mapped and simplified in Bitrix24. We used the CRM module for this purpose, in which we set up funnels and stages, including automations, to map the patient intake process in detail, from the initial contact to the start of therapy. To coordinate the numerous therapy requests, we set up a waiting list with an "appointment matching" function. As soon as a therapy slot is available, an automatic matching takes place with the preferences of those on the waiting list. Those interested in therapy can conveniently submit their desired date and practice as well as other preferences via an online appointment booking form, which is linked to the waiting list and the administration. The latter is not least pleased about the new digital contract management, with which concluded therapy contracts can be conveniently managed.

The office staff also benefit from an automated onboarding process, task management and resubmissions, the integration of VoIP telephony as well as the project management tool we set up, which contributes to a better overview with its Kanban and Gantt boards. Several knowledge bases, which we created together with the Bona Lingua team, now also provide more clarity and offer all employees the opportunity to quickly and easily find information about internal processes; from ordering drinks to applying for training - everything is clearly laid out and can be found quickly using the search function. Should a question ever remain, it can easily be asked via the feed function of Bitrix24, which serves as an internal communication platform for the Bona Lingua team.

Finally, we were also able to simplify the processes in bookkeeping and accounting. Quotations and invoices are now created and sent automatically. To ensure GoBD compliance of invoicing, we outsourced this to SevDesk, which is connected to Bitrix24 via API. Invoices are triggered in Bitrix24, generated in SevDesk and then fed back and filed on the order in Bitrix24. If treatment appointments are missed without prior justification, a fee notice is automatically issued.



Digitization is opening up new opportunities for companies around the world. Of course, changes always bring certain risks that need to be taken into account. For a structured implementation, we are available as an experienced partner. 



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