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About Us

With Doc Brown GmbH (now New Digitial World Partner) we have dedicated ourselves to a mission: We want to help medium-sized businesses with intelligent IT solutions to accelerate work processes, create transparency, and save resources in general, in addition to time and money. We are not a classic consultancy! We not only advise, but also consistently implement the IT solutions. Freely according to the motto: Making is like thinking, only more blatant.

Our goal is not to cut staff, but to increase efficiency and unleash the company's full potential through clever IT solutions.  

Digitization is opening up new opportunities for companies around the world. Of course, changes always bring certain risks that need to be taken into account. We are available as an experienced partner for structured implementation. 

Our mission

Making IT tangible for SMEs to gain a strong competitive position that future-proofs the business.

Our vision

We want entrepreneurs and executives to recognize IT as a source of value creation and to take the time for further training on this topic. In addition to the actual core competence, IT should reflect a leading competence.

Our values

Customer oriented solutions based on honest experience. We do our best not to develop any dependencies on manufacturers... when we start a cooperation it is because we have a suitable solution ready as objectively as possible.


The management

Managing Director

Tom Roidl

Responsible for customer contact at our company. His areas are sales and marketing. 

Managing Director

Nico Schleif

Our operational expert is very familiar with our portfolio. Accordingly, he overlooks all of our consultants and technical staff. 

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