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Reference page FAF gGmbH


Customer: FaF gGmbH
Activity(ies): Management consulting & seminars
Date: 2019

Link to the customer

Project Scope:

Digitization of the administration



  • Communication platform (Global, Project, Task, Area and Personal)
  • Automatic task management
  • Project management tool (Gantt & Kanban)
  • Resubmissions

Member management

  • Onboarding new members
  • Membership fee management
  • Resignation of members

Seminar administration

  • Automatic seminar management (waiting list, certificates, confirmations, etc.)
  • Online registration with link to digital management

Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Expense and travel expense reporting with projects or cost centers
  • Automatic quote/invoice generation with connection to FiBu (SevDesk)

The project in detail

FAF is a non-profit management consultancy for inclusive businesses and for the qualification of management and leadership levels. It offers business management consulting for the establishment of inclusive businesses as well as consulting and educational services for inclusive workforces and sustainably supports the inclusion of people with disabilities in working life.

As one of the leading consulting companies for inclusion businesses, FAF approached us with several requests. For the company, the simplification and digitalization of internal processes was the first priority: FAF wanted a partially automated project management with predefined tasks that had a reference to the CRM data. In addition, internal communication was to be simplified through simple chats and differentiated news feeds (global/departments). Bitrix24 was fully convincing as a solution and the decision was quickly made to expand the project: The specially established working group 'Digitization/Bitrix24' and the management decided on comprehensive integrations and automations. Bitrix24 was to take over numerous tasks as the central system.

We moved the accounting to SevDesk and linked it to Bitrix24 via API, which was the only way to automatically send GOBD-compliant invoices. Furthermore, workflows for funds queries and interim invoices were implemented, which simplified all processes around invoicing and significantly relieved employees.
After the accounting department had completely autonomously taken over the various settlements vis-à-vis the end customer (partly public cost units), further opportunities for process optimization opened up: The internal accounting and travel expense tool used so far was to be replaced. For this purpose, we developed a Bitrix24-compatible application that enables direct cost allocation in the projects.

Bitrix24 also finally replaced the tool developed by FAF itself for managing training courses and seminars. Via the project module, seminars are now continuously handled by individual lists. With the help of an API, it was also possible for us to link the created seminar content from Bitrix24 to the corresponding WordPress instance.

Digitization is opening up new opportunities for companies around the world. Of course, changes always bring certain risks that need to be taken into account. For a structured implementation, we are available as an experienced partner. 



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