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Customer: Sattlerei Dresch GmbH
Activity(ies): Distribution and manufacture
Date: 2020

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Project Scope:

Mobile Sales App (iOS)

  • Measurement of new saddles incl. all details for production
  • Price calculation based on selected product specifications
  • Order view and history
  • Offline/online synchronicity 

Order management

  • Control of orders and synchronization with production
  • Management of purchase and sale used saddles
  • Delivery management or route planning for the sales force
  • Central customer communication for all concerns

Production planning

  • Production overview based on the delivery date in conjunction with a kanban view
  • Automatic creation of a workshop sheet with all relevant data per station

Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Expense and travel expense reporting with projects or cost centers
  • Automatic quote/invoice generation with connection to FiBu (SevDesk)

The project in detail

The saddles of Saddlery Dresch (Germany) can be described in a few words: Built for rider and horse. Since 2011, Sebastian Dresch and his team have been producing riding saddles with precision craftsmanship and from the best materials. Each saddle is made to measure and is unique, perfectly adapted to the needs of rider and horse. From leisure and sport riders to Olympians - a Dresch saddle is always the right choice for rider and horse!

In the search for a suitable CRM system, the Dresch saddlery, together with the leather manufacturer KD, asked us for our expert support. When choosing the system, it was important to take into account that the data of the field staff should also be recorded via an app. The choice finally fell on Bitrix24. The project grew quickly, as it was decided to map all internal processes of the saddlery and the leather manufactory in the CRM system. This includes a DOGB-compliant invoice, an internal app for the field staff to record individual product data, production planning for the saddle manufactory, and route planning for delivery and customer appointments.
No extensive modifications were necessary for the contacts and company data, since most of the relevant data is related to the individual order. Each order for a custom-made saddle automatically creates a new product according to the criteria that have been entered in the measurement app. It was important for the manufactory that the field staff could also save the data offline, since an Internet connection is not always available on site.
Once the measurement data has been fed into the CRM system and processed, manual production can begin. To organize production volumes, various "stages" have been introduced in Bitrix24 that record production progress in relation to the expected delivery date. This planning is essential to meet delivery deadlines and manage the route planning of field workers. The route planning has been mapped via a native Bitrix24 app and synchronizes directly with the orders in Bitrix24. In addition to delivery dates, additional services such as maintenance, measurement or general customer appointments can also be entered into the route.
Invoicing is done indirectly via Bitrix24. An interface to SevDesk ensures conformity in invoicing and accounting. An invoice is triggered in Bitrix24 (with the necessary data), created in SevDesk and then filed directly on the order in Bitrix24. All processes of the saddlery Dresch and the associated leather manufactory KD are thus mapped in Bitrix24; from the registration of customers to production and invoicing - everything is united in one system.


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