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Reference page AÜG Network


Client: AÜG Network Human Resources GmbH
Activity(ies): Personnel service provider
Date: 2022

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Project Scope:


Communication/Project Management

  • Communication platform (Global, Project, Task, Area and Personal)
  • Automatic task management
  • Project management tool (Gantt & Kanban)

Knowledge transfer

  • Knowledge bases (info, instructions, e-tests, vehicle exchange)
  • Seminar tool (booking/administration of seminars)


  • Automated onboarding/offboarding
  • IT and marketing web stores

The project in detail

AÜG Netzwerk Human Resources GmbH, headquartered in Detmold, is a nationwide network of owner-managed personnel service providers. Founded in 1977, the network today comprises more than 40 companies at over 100 locations from a variety of industries. Medicine and education are just as well represented as the industrial-technical, the commercial or the IT sector.

When AÜG contacted us, Bitrix24 had already been serving the company as an intranet for two years. Since its introduction, however, the system had met with only moderate approval among employees; the diverse potential offered by workflows, task and project management was largely unused, and the necessary standards were also lacking here and there. We met at the Detmold headquarters for a workshop and, after taking stock, jointly developed a target image. In order to anchor Bitrix24 as a central communication platform within the company, the added value of the system for users was to be increased through the introduction of standards and the use of smart tools that facilitate everyday work.

We first decided to configure the workflows available in the Bitrix24 standard, use the CRM module to create workflow-supported onboarding and offboarding processes, and create an IT and marketing webshop to simplify ordering processes for employees. In the future, the task and project management tool set up will facilitate collaboration in the subsidiaries belonging to the network and at the Detmold headquarters.

Several attractively designed knowledge bases, which we are helping the AÜG intranet team to create in an advisory capacity, will soon offer users the opportunity to find out about important news and internal processes as well as basic IT applications. An important component in the transfer of knowledge is also a seminar tool that our developers have completed and optimized. It can be used to conveniently book and manage seminars and issue certificates of attendance.


Digitization is opening up new opportunities for companies around the world. Of course, changes always bring certain risks that need to be taken into account. For a structured implementation, we are available as an experienced partner. 



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