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Digital transformation

A good project stands and falls with planning and communication

Successful digitization thanks to a well-coordinated team

In cooperation with our partner Getronics, we bring new possibilities to medium-sized businesses.

Getronics is a "big player" in the IT industry and as such is involved in major collaborations worldwide. At New Digital World Partner, we focus on medium-sized businesses, with a few exceptions.  

Together, we have developed a model that combines an unbeatable mix of personal service, comprehensive solutions and an unparalleled price/performance ratio.


Portfolio Getronics

Digital workplace

We know that employees are most productive when they can work the way they want to, using technology that suits their preferences. Getronics Digital Workplace solutions provide an intuitive experience that is always available, and we combine secure, mobile-managed unified office communications with collaboration tools supported by local expertise in over 185 countries. Working with NDWP, Getronics offers the solution from as few as 100 users. 

Cloud services

With more than 2,000 developers and a solid team of cloud experts, we are here to help you design the ideal mix of private and public or hybrid solutions for your business needs - from building an infrastructure solution to migrating data to the cloud. Our secure approach means that these services are not only secure, but also increase agility and drive innovation across businesses in different industries!

Smart Spaces

The future of work requires new approaches and tools to ensure a better experience. Getronics Smart Spaces offers many services that can help your business thrive in this ever-changing environment, from managing access control lists to monitoring cleaning and disposal operations with video surveillance technology for maximum efficiency."

Our Smart Spaces solutions are based on a modular, open-source, flexible and scalable platform that is both vendor and technology agnostic.

Service Desk & Field/On-Site Support Services

We offer field and on-site support services as well as service desk in over 185 countries and can always guarantee top performance thanks to our Global Workspace Alliance.

We cover a wide range of support solutions for infrastructure devices, end-to-end solutions and services, including digital workplace, point-of-sale, network, server and Internet of Things.

network Services

Every company has its own needs when it comes to network requirements. For this reason, it is essential that we take a close look at your company and the resulting requirements.

The many years that we have already been active in the operational environment have resulted in an enormous amount of knowledge. Precisely because of the multitude of experiences and projects, we are ideally positioned to enable infrastructure solutions for your entire digital structure.

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