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Reference Page CC Wholesale


Customer: CC Wholesale (Your Greenking & Chillsticks)
Activity(ies): Retail and wholesale distribution
Date: 2022

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Project Scope:

Online store

  • Online store with ordering system and linking to third-party systems 

Sales force automation

  • Control of orders and synchronization with logistics/goods dispatch (JTL)
  • Automatic customer communication based on the sales process
  • Data tool for easy import of leads
  • Sales overview through Kanban view


  • Connection of VoIP telephony for the sales staff
  • Call center set-up with predefined distribution logic or routing plan

Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Automatic dunning process in the event of late payment and forwarding to debt collection
  • Automatic quotation/invoice generation incl. cancellation with connection to FiBu (SevDesk)

The project in detail

CC Großhandel GmbH is the market leader in the distribution of CBD products and currently supplies over 3,500 customers throughout Germany. The company has its CBD products produced exclusively in Luxembourg to ensure the highest quality and safety standards. All CBD products distributed by CC Großhandel are tested and certified by independent testing bodies.

Using Bitrix24 more efficiently in sales - CC Großhandel, the most successful distributor of CBD products in Germany, approached us with this request. Many processes that were previously entered manually into Bitrix24 in a laborious and time-consuming manner were to be replaced by automations in order to sustainably relieve the sales team and enable them to work more efficiently. In addition, the company's web presence was to be expanded by setting up an online store.

The online store including ordering system was realized by us via WordPress and directly linked to Bitrix24. The leads generated there and elsewhere can now be easily imported into Bitrix24 using a specially developed data tool. To improve the overview of current orders, we configured the Kanban board and adapted it to the needs of the CC Wholesale team. Orders can now be tracked and controlled precisely and are automatically synchronized with logistics and goods dispatch.

We were also able to simplify large parts of written customer communication through automation; for example, quotations, notifications of orders and shipping status are generated automatically. The same applies to the creation of invoices. To ensure GoBD compliance of invoices, we moved their creation to SevDesk and linked accounting to Bitrix24 via API. Invoices are now triggered in Bitrix24, executed in SevDesk, and then filed directly to the order in Bitrix24. Should the customer ever fail to pay his invoice on time, a reminder is sent automatically and, in the most extreme case, the invoice is forwarded to a collection service provider.

Finally, we were also able to simplify the sales team's direct communication with the customer by integrating VoIP telephony and to structure it better and make it more efficient by setting up a call center with a predefined distribution logic/routing plan.

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