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Increase sales with the help of the Bitrix platform

Bitrix is a CRM system, which gives you helpsto increase your sales by providing a user-friendly interface that allows you to organized the distribution. The aim is to increase the Overview about your Customers and their Orders to keep and the Communication with your customers to structure. A great advantage of Bitrix is also the Integrated project management tool. Through the interaction of CRM and project management, the Productivity be increased in several departments. 


CRM with visual dashboards

Bitrix is a CRM system that enables visual analysis of the sales process through dashboards, charts and, most importantly, the Kanban view. 

Track all steps of your sales process in one place, from cold calling to project close.

Full control over projects and their tasks

Full overview of all Open Projects and related tasks. 

By linking contacts to company or customer data and projects, it is easier to keep control of outstanding to-dos.

Record and process tasks

Pen and pad were yesterday. In the modern working world, tasks are recorded digitally! Thus, important but also less important tasks no longer fall under the table. 

In addition, collaborative work is possible thanks to data synchronization, chat function and the possibility to write comments.

More sales through automation

Automate your sales process with out-of-the-box tools from Bitrix. Save time and reduce costs by creating automated tasks and automations based on your CRM data.

No more email overload

Bitrix communication tools help you keep track of incoming leads and track who you've contacted and who has contacted you - all without getting lost in your inbox.

Always ahead of the competition

Stay one step ahead of the competition! By uncovering successful sales patterns and stumbling blocks with dashboards, you'll succeed in bringing home more business. 

Make calls with a headset connected to your desktop or connect a SIP phone if you want to have another device on your desktop. Other options: Set up business hours, various voicemails, queue management, and more.

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Improve your sales process with Bitrix. It's one of the most user-friendly CRM systems on the market that lets you easily manage your leads, deals and follow-ups. Bitrix can be customized to fit your business almost any way you want. Besides, there is a possibility to extend the system with over applications. 

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