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Reference page Reputations Expert


Client: Reputations Expert
Activity(ies): Agency
Date: 2022

Link to the customer

Project Scope:

Sales optimization



  • Sales automation
  • Sales cockpit for order management (dashboard)
  • Involvement of the external sales team
  • Dynamic email templates and automated sending
  • Webcrawler


  • Integration of Dailfire (outbound call center software)

Bookkeeping & Accounting

  • Automatic invoice generation with connection to FiBu (LexOffice)

The project in detail

Reputationsexpert is an agency that specializes in deleting infringing reviews from Google and other review portals.

Reputations Expert approached us with the desire to consolidate the sales department, which was spread across different locations, into one system and make it more efficient by means of automation. The first thing we did was to get a detailed picture of the requirements and processes at Reputations Expert, which, after in-depth consultation, opted for an on-premise version of Bitrix24. After we had jointly designed a concept, we set about implementing it.

We set up a digital sales cockpit including automations, in which the entire sales of both internal and external employees is mapped. We connected the telephony platform Dailfire used by the external sales staff to Bitrix24, so that all telephone contacts with (potential) customers can be viewed in Bitrix24. Automatic document templates and dynamic email templates make the employees' work easier in the long term. For example, if a customer requests Reputations Expert to take action against infringing reviews on Google, an email with the necessary information is generated from the data stored in the CRM and sent to Google. In the same way, the customer is informed about the successful enforcement of his claims. A web crawler, which is currently still under development, will additionally facilitate the work of the Reputations Expert team in the future. This searches Google for potentially infringing reviews and automatically loads them into the CRM, where they only need to be checked by the responsible employees.

We were also able to simplify invoicing, which was outsourced to LexOffice to maintain GoBD compliance. Invoices are triggered in Bitrix24, generated in LexOffice and then returned to Bitrix24, where they are filed directly to the order.


Digitization is opening up new opportunities for companies around the world. Of course, changes always bring certain risks that need to be taken into account. For a structured implementation, we are available as an experienced partner. 



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