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Customer: Klimsol GmbH & Co. KG
Activity(ies): Photovoltaics, heat pumps, air conditioners
Date: 2022

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Project Scope:

Digitization of management & construction site


Order management

  • Communication platform (Global, Project, Task, Area and Personal)
  • Automatic task management
  • Project management tool (Gantt & Kanban)
  • Resubmissions

Field service management (in-house development)

  • Own mobile app for fitters/electricians connected with order management
  • Semi-automatic time recording
  • Assembly report with digital signature of the project contractor for acceptance
  • Scheduling and order overview

Customer portal

  • Web-based customer area for order overview
  • Live order tracking and process documentation from A-Z
  • Communication channel

Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Automatic quote/invoice generation with connection to FiBu (SevDesk) 

The project in detail

If you want to make your energy supply more economical and environmentally friendly, you will find KlimSol GmbH & Co. KG is a competent contact partner. The Bergheim-based company specializes in the planning and installation of photovoltaic systems and has been successfully supporting private and commercial customers on their way to an independent power supply for many years.

KlimSol GmbH & Co. KG contacted us with an ambitious goal: The majority of the company's processes, which were still analog, were to be transferred to the digital world to enable more efficient work. Employees in sales and field service were to benefit equally from the digitization offensive, and a smooth exchange of information between administration and the fitters on the construction site was to be ensured.

KlimSol initially opted for Bitrix24 in the cloud variant, only to soon switch to the more powerful on-premise version. The desire for individual design and the entrepreneurial growth were equally decisive for this decision. After jointly developing a concept to address the existing challenges, we set about implementing it. We created an automated task management system that ensures a fair distribution of tasks among the employees in the sales team. They can conveniently contact customers via VoIP telephony, which we integrated into Bitrix24. All customer contacts made by telephone can be tracked in Bitrix24, notes can be added and they flow into a statistical evaluation, making the success of individual employees more transparent. The remuneration for brokering deals is automatically determined via a commission calculator.

A central component in the digitization of business processes was order management. In addition to the creation of quotations, invoices, delivery bills and pro-forma invoices with discounts, this also includes a payment receipt control. The ordering of materials for the respective orders is automated, including a prior price query in the wholesale portal. Invoicing, which we outsourced to SevDesk in order to maintain GoBD compliance, also takes care of itself. All invoices are triggered in Bitrix24, generated in SevDesk and then stored directly in the order in Bitrix24.

To support the sales team in generating leads, we placed advertisements via Google Ads and Facebook. Interested parties can conveniently enter their inquiries into an online form on the KlimSol website
and are immediately contacted by an employee. In the future, it will be possible to view one's own order and track the progress of the project via the planned customer portal. Of course, this also offers the possibility of contacting KlimaSol employees. 

The mobile app for Android-based devices, which is still under development, will build the digital bridge to the employees in the field. It can be used to view and edit the order data stored in Bitrix24, document assembly reports and acceptances including the client's signature, schedule appointments and record working hours as in the office.


Digitization is opening up new opportunities for companies around the world. Of course, changes always bring certain risks that need to be taken into account. For a structured implementation, we are available as an experienced partner. 



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