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Telephone integration in CRM. More power for sales and support

Integrating a VoIP-based telephony solution into a CRM system makes it an even more effective tool for significantly improving sales and customer care processes. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the benefits of telephone integration for sales and customer care and take a closer look at two popular providers.

What is VoIP telephony and how does it work?

Since the ISDN network in Germany was switched off in 2022, VoIP has been the standard for the fixed network. VoIP, short for Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that makes it possible to make phone calls over the internet. The analog signals of a telephone call are converted into digital data and transmitted over the Internet. VoIP telephony enables companies to make and receive calls over the Internet without having to rely on a traditional telephone system. The virtual telephone system takes its place. All that is needed is an Internet connection, a VoIP provider who provides the software and services, and finally the appropriate hardware. This can be IP telephones, i.e. VoIP-capable telephones (desk phone, WLAN telephone or DECT telephone), or softphones. Softphones are software that enables telephone functions on a computer or smartphone. However, ISDN telephones can often also be used for VoIP telephony by means of an adapter, a so-called SIP trunk.

What is the advantage of a virtual telephone system?

Compared to a classic telephone system, their virtual counterparts have numerous advantages:

Low costs

Virtual systems are significantly cheaper than conventional telephone systems because there are no high acquisition, maintenance and servicing costs, as is the case with a conventional system. In addition, call charges are generally lower than for normal telephony, and calls within a company are free of charge.

Greater flexibility

Whereas telephone numbers used to be tied to physical telephone lines and therefore to specific locations, the telephone numbers of virtual telephone systems are easily managed and used via the Internet. VoIP telephone access can be used from any Internet access, i.e. regardless of location, to make single or multiple calls (conference).

Better scalability

Virtual telephone systems can also be scaled much more flexibly. If you need a telephone number for a new employee, you simply add it. If you no longer need it, you can cancel it again.

Short contract terms

The fact that most providers have no or only short minimum contract terms and the notice period is usually only one month also contributes to the flexibility of virtual systems.

What are the advantages of telephone integration in a CRM system?

As a rule, virtual telephone systems can be seamlessly integrated into CRM systems. The seamless integration enables smooth data exchange and opens up a wide range of benefits for companies:

Increasing efficiency

A small example: A customer calls a company because they have a question about their order or a purchased product. As soon as the customer call comes in, the CRM system automatically displays all relevant information about the caller on the employee's screen. The employee not only knows immediately who is calling, but also has all the details about the order at a glance. The previous communication history can also be viewed. This eliminates the need for time-consuming inquiries with colleagues.

Improved sales processes

The sales department also benefits from a direct connection. By integrating the telephone into the CRM, it is possible to call customers directly from the CRM platform. Searching for telephone numbers and typing them in manually is a thing of the past. A simple click on the telephone number stored on the customer contact is all it takes. During the sales call, sales staff can also access the data stored in the CRM directly and see which products or services the customer has previously purchased. This makes it easier to tailor offers individually and identify potential cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Employees can also create notes directly in the communication history of the CRM system during the call, ensuring that all other sales employees are up to date. The integration also improves collaboration within the team and makes sales more efficient.

Greater customer satisfaction

Last but not least, telephone integration leads to an all-round improved customer experience. Let's take the example of the customer mentioned above, who has a query about their order or a purchased product. By having all relevant data directly available in the CRM, the support employee can immediately respond to the customer's request and offer a suitable solution. Because the employee can also view all of the customer's past interactions and purchases, they are able to develop more personal communication with the customer, which is an important key to long-term customer loyalty.

Overall, telephone integration in CRM systems enables more efficient sales and support processes and greater customer satisfaction.

Inopla and Placetel - Two telephone systems for SMEs

Inopla and Placetel are among the most popular providers of VoIP-based cloud telephony. Cloud telephony means that the entire telephone infrastructure and functions are housed in the cloud, i.e. on the provider's servers. The user accesses the virtual telephone system via the Internet and maintenance and updates are carried out by the provider. The telephone solutions from Placetel and Inopla can be seamlessly integrated into a CRM system.


Placetel is particularly suitable for companies of all sizes and offers an extremely comprehensive package of over 150 telephony functions, including classic telephone system functions such as hold, toggling, forwarding and call waiting, as well as modern call control with flexible, rule-based routing and parallel and serial ringing, Mail2Fax, announcements and music on hold and voice menus for pre-qualifying calls. Placetel can be set up and managed conveniently via a web portal and is quick and easy to use. Numbers can be transferred free of charge. Placetel offers two monthly cancelable packages, "Basic" and "Enterprise". Those who opt for the Enterprise package receive additional functions such as "Team Messaging" and "Online Meeting", which allow them to communicate in individual or group chats and hold telephone conferences with up to 1000 participants. Placetel is also available as an app for smartphones, so you can be reached at your office number even when you're on the move.


Inopla Like Placetel, Inopla is easy to use and is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized companies. In addition to the classic telephone system functions such as hold, toggling, forwarding or call waiting, Inopla offers a central telephone book, call control and forwarding, group calling (parallel or sequential), announcements and waiting loop, mailbox and one e-fax per user. Inopla offers a total of three monthly cancelable packages with different levels of service. Those who require more than basic functions can opt for the Business or Enterprise packages, which offer comprehensive additional functions. These include a conference function, comprehensive integrations, call center function and the free provision of computer and smartphone apps. With Inopla, the transfer of phone numbers is also free of charge.


Telephone integration with a CRM system is a crucial step in optimizing sales and customer service processes. Whether you're an up-and-coming small business looking to improve your sales processes or an established large enterprise looking to take the customer experience to the next level, seamlessly integrating a VoIP phone system will speed up business processes and increase efficiency. If you are wondering whether telephone integration would be worthwhile for you, we will be happy to advise you and, of course, help you implement the system in your company. Simply book a free consultation appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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